Professional Safety Training

It is with heavy heart that after many years of offering Pistol Permit, CT Guard Card and many other classes that we  close our business as of September 09,2016.

We have many health issues that are fairly new and others that have been lingering for years and we need to take care of some of these issues soon along with not taking a real vacation in over 10 years.

Our CT Guard Card Instructor (which by the way, by State Stature has to be certified to teach this class by the CT State Police) has recently been having issues from his full time employer that he work during the days that he usually holds CT Guard Card Class. Thefore we have had to cancel classes on a moments notice a few times now which is a disservice to all students.

Also we have a huge issue with the NRA holding on-line classes which we feel is not a good idea in that we have many concerns some of which are

1) How do I know that a student actually took this online class (we have had students already come to class and know nothing on what was taught  on this on-line class)
A student could have had someone stand behind them and give the student the answers.
A student could  have just logged into the program and another could have just taken the entire class for them
and many other issues that we feel is a disgrace to all those whom have taken a complete in-person class.

I still do not and no one will convince me and some others that carrying a fire arm should know your states laws and how to react in a critical incident which the NRA Class does not teach.
Their class to this day still remains a Basic Pistol Class, which includes parts of the firearm which is important but there is much more than this in carrying a firearm. One can not get a permit and go out and shoot someone just because!

Those of you whom have registered for a class and have made payment will be refunded shortly

 If you have any questions in reference to your refund please include your full name, class type and date you registered for the class and we will get back to you as soon as possible
Please email to

Thanks for your understanding