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Home of the Weekly CT Pistol Permit Training Classes.

Welcome to Professional Safety Training. We are pleased to offer the required training Class to obtain your CT Pistol Permit. In addition we also offer Massachusetts LTC, Utah, and Florida Pistol Permit Training Classes.

In the Security Officer Field we offer the required Guard Card Class (Security Officer Class) Which permits you to be employed as a CT Security Officer.

 Under State Public Statue 04-192 "Sec. 32. Any security service may employ as many security officers as the licensee deems necessary for the conduct of the business, provided such employees shall be of good moral character and at least eighteen years of age.

(b) Any person hired to work as a security officer shall be licensed as a security officer prior to a security service making application to register the security officer with the Commissioner of Public Safety. The employee shall complete a minimum of eight hours training in the following areas: Basic first aid, search and seizure laws and regulations, use of force, basic criminal justice and public safety issues. The training shall be approved by the commissioner in accordance with regulations adopted pursuant to sec 39 of this statue."

Blue Card Class (Class 1)
Security Officers, uniformed or not, working with a firearm in the course of their assigned duties in this state, must posses a
Resident/Non-Resident Permit "Class 1" or "Class 3" endorsement on their state permit. (This includes armored car couriers and drivers)

Our 8 hour class is approved by the DESPP (CT State Police) to meet this requirement.

Additionally we offer First Aid, CPR, AED, Bloodborne Pathogen, OC ( Pepper) Spray, Handcuffing, and Baton Certification Training Classes
to individuals, families, groups and businesses.

Our First Aid, CPR, AED and Bloodborne Pathogen Training curriculum follows the latest ECC/ILCOR standards and exceeds American Heart recommended guidelines for Healthcare Provider level BLS and Workplace level CPR & First Aid. As such, it is acceptable for healthcare and general workplace first responders and meets the requirements of auditing entities such as Joint Commission, OSHA and Medicare.

The mandatory Vermont Snowmobile Safety Course, for those whom plan on snowmobiling in Vermont and born after July 1st 1983 and is 12 years old or older must take and pass a snowmobile safety course.

Our modern classroom training is held at our home office which is heated, air conditioned, and is centrally located. Our location less than 5 minutes from Hartford, and 30 minutes from New Haven, Waterbury and other cities and towns in between.

Our goal here at Professional Safety Training, is train and provided you with the knowledge, skills and attitude you need for the real world.

If you have a family, business or large group that would like to take one of our courses together, please contact us for pricing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your time. We look forward to meeting you and providing you with a professional training experience.
All of our instructors are Certified and insured.

****** Please Take Note: The NRA Basic Pistol Permit Class is an 8 hr class, with a live fire portion (min of 22 caliber)!!! Some trainers are promoting it as a less then 8 hr class, some without a live fire portion, some without the written test, and some as a self study option. This is NOT correct, if you come across these people walk away. The State of CT is cracking down on these trainers and their students. The class they give does NOT meet the State standard of training. Students have had their permits revoked and had to retake the permit class. Not only is it a disservice to the student but to all legitimate instructors out there. *******

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